Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday--Lookin' Fine, Week 4

I had yet another week "off" week, "off" from the gym, that is. I really don't know why I'm still so unmotivated to get moving again. I feel a ton better about myself and sleep better when I do. If I really sat and thought about it, I could easily come up with 5 reasons as to why I've refrained from getting my butt back to the gym....

  1. I'm up with the baby multiple times during the night, so I'm too tired to get up early in the morning, mid-day, and after the babies go to bed to work out.
  2. I'm still seeing the scale move, in the downward direction, just by paying close attention to why I put in my mouth.
  3. No one is physically relying on me to meet them at the gym (and sometimes I need that).
  4. I can't find my workout clothes...I know they're clean, but I'm just not sure which laundry hamper they're still in from the laundry I did a couple of weeks ago.
  5. I'm such a slow poke now, and I'm frustrated with how fast my endurance went "down hill".
And even though I'm not having nightly "dates" with a treadmill, I'm making sure that I have been eating well. I'm still not drinking the water I need, but I'll continue to work on that. Anywho....I'm excited to report that I lost the pound I gained last week plus one more making my loss this week 2 pounds (3 pounds total since the beginning of the challenge)! Woohoo! Just imagine what my losses would be like if I added in some cardio to burn off some extra calories....I'd be reaching my goal in no time!

On a slightly positive note, I mustered up enough courage to ask a friend if I could drop the kids off for an hour this morning so that I could go to the gym. It was refreshing! I jogged 3 miles straight through (yay, me!). It felt so good to get moving again....I missed it. Plus, I was able to watch some "normal" tv, something other than "Curious George" or "Little Einsteins", while I cranked out the mileage. So after this morning, I'm feeling a little more motivated to back to where I was before Christmas (and a little less hesitant to ask friends for help).

Here's to a much better week!


sarajworley said...

way to go, Miss Jessi! Doing great! Miss you.

aprilshowrs78 said...

You know, sometimes we're just not going to get those work outs in. Life happens. It sounds like your adjusting to it though! Great job this week!

Christie O. said...

good for you! it's always so hard for me to ask for help. but now when people offer i jump at the chance because it so rarely happens. and seriously try not to worry about getting to the gym when you're coming off a sleepless night -- sometimes you just need to rest, especially with a new baby (i consider them new until they're a year old!) cut yourself some slack, girl! guilt free! you're doing great anyway.. :)

Jenny Mitchell said...

I need to be more motivated like you!! I am dying to wear pants with buttons and zippers! I want out of elastic and maternity!!! way to go jessi! I am jealous of your success:)!!!( just being honest!):)

aprilshowrs78 said...

I left you something on my blog. :o)