Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday~February 2

Happy Monday....and yet another menu plan! Randy and I thought we would try something a bit different with our plans this month....choose a theme for each week. We have thoughts that this will help us save on our grocery budget, something we didn't do well at in January (we went over by $53.52). So this week's theme is Beans. I know, I know, pretty exciting, right? But a new rice and beans recipe that I made last week (and LOVED--even Josiah and Laney ate it up) inspired us to give simple ol' beans and rice a try for a week.

And while I've not posted a recipe review in a couple of weeks, I haven't forgotten...I'm still trying at least one new recipe a week. I'll try to post the reviews later today during naptime.

Monday--Beef and Black Beans with Rice
Tuesday--Santa Fe Beans and Rice **new recipe**
Friday--Tex-Mex Rice and Beans Casserole **new recipe**
Saturday--GOYA Black Beans and Rice **new recipe**

For more menu plan ideas, visit I'm an Organizing Junkie.


Shelley said...

Yum! I actually love beans. Unfortunately, it's one of the MANY things that Mike won't even try. I know he's missing out on a lot of food he would actually enjoy if he would only try it!

ValleyGirl said...

Sounds like a delicious week! I might have to give some of these a try, too!

Elizabeth said...

Your menu looks yummy. I'm adding Red Beans and Rice to ours now. I've been craving it and my family loves it. Enjoy your week of beans:)

Carrie said...

The Tex-Mex is super yummy. I use kidney beans vs pinto beans sometimes I'll add ground turkey. Enjoy your meals this week!

Trisha said...

beans, beans, the musical fruit....

we are big fans too. i will have to check out these recipes!