Friday, January 2, 2009

Fat Ticker Friday--New Year's Edition

I may have accidentally purposefully not posted a Fat Ticker Friday in a couple of weeks, since I used the holiday break to let my knee heal from whatever was causing it to ache. Unfortunately, "letting my knee heal" (to me) meant that I could stop exercising AND allow myself to taste test the cookies I baked prior to the family get together as well as the pecan pie once I got there (I just wouldn't have felt right about anyone else tasting it to see if it was "just right").

I was just so darn, down-right frustrated at what my not-so-friendly scale said to me at my last weigh in. Add that to the stress/exhaustion of caring for sick babies during a time that is meant to be full of rest (that is what I was hoping the other 8 sets hands were going to help me achieve) and joy, but instead Randy and I spent our entire Christmas break caring first for just one baby (unbreakable fever, slight dehydration, vomiting, trip to the ER) then proceeding to care for two (fever, cough, congestion, vomiting). I just wasn't in the mood to go out for a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather we were blessed with nor eat well. Truthfully, I figured I couldn't do any more damage than what the scale said, so I decided to just temporarily "throw in the towel"...and enjoy the foods/candies/cookies that I oh-so-enjoy during this special time of year....and avoid that darn scale!

So just for kicks and giggles, I just thought that I would step on my good ol' friend this morning. And much to my amazement, I didn't end up doing too much damage after all. I lost 2 pounds (probably the water retention weight caused by the beloved hormones, but so....a loss is a loss in my book). So now I'm back to only needing to lose 2 more pounds before earning a new shiny badge--15 gone! But because 2009 is here, so is a new weight loss goal....22 more pounds. That will put me 10 less than my pre-preggo weight, just in time for wedding season. I'm standing up for both my sister and a most wonderful friend this summer, and I refuse to look frumpy in beautiful black gowns!

In my quest to lose these 22 pounds, I have pulled this and this out from our DVD collection in an effort to work in some additional strength and flexibility training. Not exactly sure when I'll work these in but I've got good intentions. I'm also going to try and work in a spinning class at 6AM on Fridays. I've only been to a couple of spinning classes in my life, but I'm excited to try them again. In my opinion, there is no better time to learn than at the beginning of year when others have the same idea (I hate being the only newby in a class--especially such a challenging one). I am also seeking out a few small races to complete between now and May/July, either here or in the cities I'll be visiting this summer. Again, good intentions. But just so that I stay accountable, you get to hear all about my efforts. I know, lucky you!

I'm also on the quest to find new, healthy recipes. So if you have any favorites OR you've seen a couple but have either too busy or too apprehensive to try them, PLEASE forward them on. One of my "unofficial" goals is to try a new recipe each week and then post a review.

And because I haven't yet said it....."Happy 2009!" May you be so very blessed with His goodness!


Trisha said...

Man, you are one determined girl! Good for you!

Thanks for the encouragement today. Hope your day is better too.

I'm glad you liked the rigatoni. I don't know that you'll be able to file it away in your healthy folder though! :)

The last time I made it, I forgot to add the parmesan to the noodles as I was trying to arrange them and they were slippin' all over the place! And then I realized...

I wasn't going to run today but after reading this post, how can I not? Thanks!

Joy said...

Good for you!! I will soon be on the fitness band-wagon again- I will have baby weight to lose! Good luck!