Sunday, January 25, 2009

Project 365 Vol. 4

January 19-25, 2009
I can't believe I've taken a picture every day for 4 weeks now. While I was/am really excited about this project, I was doubtful that I'd be able to follow through. But so far, so good.
I've really enjoyed this project. It's not hard for me to take pictures every day, especially when my children are the subjects of so many of my photos...because after all I am one of THOSE moms. But I'm finding that the hardest part, for me, of this project has been variety (and finding the time to post my pics). And while I'm a little frustrated that so many of my pics are of either my kids or my hubby, I have to remember that I'm participating in this project so that I can remember what I, my kids, or my hubby did during a particular day. Right? Right.
So here is my submission for Week 4 of my Project 365.
Day 19: Catching Laney in the act of pulling up.
Day 20: Randy came home early on Tuesday with the FLU, which knocked him out COLD.
Day 21: Laney fell asleep on Randy's belly and the sweetness was just too sweet NOT to take a snapshot and freeze it in time.
Day 22: One of Josiah's most favorite things to do is climb up on top of the coffee table/tv stand and "play" his guitar. Yes, I do let him climb on our furniture....I'm THAT kind of mom, too.
Day 23: We've been going to park in the afternoon to celebrate the beautiful weather.
Day 24: I challenged myself to shine my sink EVERY night before I headed to bed for one week. For those who know me knows that this was a really hard thing for me to accomplish. BUT, I did it. And boy, did it make each day start "fresh".
Day 25: After losing a tire a couple of months ago, Josiah "got back on the horse" today.


Trisha said...

Day 21 with Laney asleep is the most precious picture! So sweet.

Uh, no more nice days around here weather wise... we are supposed to get lots of ice tomorrow! Yee-haw!

Elizabeth said...

Yea for kids standing on furniture! There's no way to keep a boy off, anyway.

sara said...

wow, I don't think I could handle the shiny sink challenge!!!

Love the pictures of your kids!!

Thanks for sharing your week!

Bev said...

I feel the same way about a clean sink! It makes for a much calmer morning.

sarajworley said...

I love the pic of Laney sleeping. So sweet. Miss you.

ValleyGirl said...

I LOVE having a shiny sink and a tidy countertop in the mornings!!!! Isn't it amazing?! It's a huge accomplishment for me, too. VERY unfamiliar territory! (you have a beautiful kitchen!)

Lisa said...

I feel the same way that you do about my photos. Wish they weren't all of my kids, but that really what I want to look back on anyway.

I'm on board with the shiny sink, too. Its such a change in mentality, the whole philosophy. Have you visited Home Sanctuary? Good stuff there, too.

meryl said...

i love your blog, jessi. i wanna be just like you :)