Tuesday, January 20, 2009

To Be Expected

1 Doctor + Pedriatrics rotation + no flu shot =

1 Doctor flat on his back with the FLU!

PS. Please pray that the FLU decides that MY body is NOT a good hostess.


Trisha said...

Poor guy. Praying you and the babies stay well.

ValleyGirl said...

Oh NO!! I do hope you and the rest will remain unscathed! My husband, older daughter, and myself managed to not catch whatever made the youngest puke all Friday morning, so there's hope for anyone!! (in previous encounters with the flu of any kind, at LEAST three of us end up with it!)

Elizabeth said...

Didn't you get a shot? I thought you told me that you did.

Poor Randy, I hope he feels better soon. If he's anything like his brother, he is twice the patient the kids are.

Sab Mad said...

That is terrible! Poor thing! Why didn't he get a shot? Lucky for me in the military it is mandatory for all doctors (and I think everyone else too!) to get the flu shot.

Did you and the kids get yours?

anna C said...

Oh, poor sweet Randy!!! Those little kiddos have not learned yet that not EVERYTHING is meant to be shared. :-(
We'll pray for you ALL!

Allison said...

HA! When JM was on peds, he was sick at least 3 times, I swear! I think that's probably the reason he decided NOT to do peds!

Mama to little lions said...

oh dear. And WHY didn't he get a flu shot?
Hoping you stay well