Saturday, January 3, 2009

Recipe Review-Week 1

I thought I would try a little something new this year....try at least one new recipe a week and then post a review. Seeing as I LOVE to find and try new recipes, this task shouldn't be that daunting, right? We shall see.

So my new recipe from this past week was Baked Rigatoni Cake. If you're looking for a fun (and easy) alternative to lasagna or spaghetti, then this recipe is one you should try. I used ground turkey and reduced fat cheese to make it a little more healthy and Italian herbed crushed tomatoes to add a little bit more dimension. My friend, Trisha, over at "Because I Said So" posted this recipe not too long ago, along with a picture, and it sounded/looked too good to pass up...especially since she mentioned that ALL of her children ate it without fuss. Any recipe that can do that deserves 5 stars!


PS. Seriously, please feel free to leave me links to yummy, healthy recipes--either ones that are family favorites or ones that you just haven't gotten around to trying yet. I'm game for just about anything!

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